From a young age, Meisha Bochicchio knew that she wanted to be a marketer, and she made it happen by following a structured path, starting with her undergraduate degree in marketing and then an agency job.

After gaining a broad array of digital marketing skills — SEO, paid media, organic and paid social, email marketing and more — she realized she truly loved working with content more than anything else. This led her to switch to an in-house job as a content marketing manager.

“I’ve never looked back,” Meisha says. In her current role as senior content marketing manager at Goldcast, an event platform, she spends most of her time managing content projects and working with Goldcast’s partners, as well as shaping the overarching content strategy and goals.

She’s also heavily involved with the growth and events teams on virtual events such as webinars — an area that has expanded dramatically over the past couple of years. “My goal is to educate and engage our audiences with delightful and informative marketing,” Meisha says.

Creating Meaningful, Memorable Event Experiences

The start of the pandemic changed everything for event marketers. “Many were left scrambling for ways to re-create the ‘in-person’ event experience in a fully remote world,” Meisha recalls. Goldcast was launched to help marketers create events that delight audiences, create connections and help companies continue to build pipelines even during change and uncertainty.

Ultimately, Goldcast wants its events to feel as seamless as watching your favorite binge-able show on Netflix. They accomplish this through offering flexible, customizable branding, providing single-click event links, and creating automatic redirects between sessions so that there’s no need for extra clicks.

Now that in-person events are returning, Goldcast is supporting hybrid and physical events. Meisha is excited by the industry’s opportunities. “So many folks are still navigating how to host events that are worthwhile to both their audience and business,” she explains. “Events are a fantastic way to connect with people and create meaningful and memorable experiences.”

Staying Current Through Community

Meisha relies on community involvement to keep track of best practices and trends. “I love connecting with other marketers, sharing new ideas and helping folks through problems,” she says. (Psst: If you’d like to connect with Meisha, find her on Twitter @MarketingMeisha or on LinkedIn @meisha_b!)

Meisha is an active participant with Content Marketing Institute and was recently accepted into its mentorship program. She’s also a part of Superpath and All In, which are geared toward content marketers and in-house marketers, respectively.

On the job, Meisha also makes concerted efforts to spark dialogue with Goldcast’s customers and community. She listens to customer calls and drives the company’s work on customer stories, which helps her track what’s happening in the events world, what people are struggling with and how they are finding success. All of this is invaluable for informing strategy and making sure the content she’s producing is timely and relevant.

“So Much More Than Blog Posts”

“Content marketing needs more creativity,” Meisha says. “I am a big advocate for the idea that content is so much more than just blogs. Videos, podcasts, events, social posts, email newsletters — this is all content!”

She urges marketers to think differently when it comes to formatting and distributing content. For example, a single topic or idea can exist across multiple formats and channels. “There’s no single way to reach audiences; a thoughtful strategy will include various ways for folks to discover and engage with your content,” she says.

And how exactly does she get everything done? Meisha blocks off time on her calendar to knock out individual tasks, ensuring her time is not dictated by a constant flow of meetings. She blocks off Monday and Friday mornings for heads-down work and schedules as many meetings as possible within one day each week to reduce switching between tasks.

Advocating for Salary Transparency in Event Marketing

As an early-stage startup, Meisha recognizes that Goldcast faces challenges in building awareness of its services and earning the authority held by more established brands. One way Goldcast is combating this is finding unique ways to add value and build relationships, like the recently launched Event Marketing Salary Report.

The report, which is the first of its kind and built specifically for event marketers, offers detailed salary information and highlights industry trends. Goldcast launched the report with a career workshop event and created blog content, social media posts and email mentions to help it gain traction upon its release.

Goldcast received a warm reception to the report and plans to make it an annual event for its growing community. “I’m excited to see where the industry heads and to watch Goldcast continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of modern-day marketers,” Meisha says.