Our Favorite Marketing Podcasts

Our Favorite Marketing Podcasts


We have really enjoyed working on our content marketing podcast, Margins from Managing Editor. The creative process has been a new challenge, and building a 30-minute episode is hard work. We have a new appreciation for the creative talent behind our favorite podcasts.

We’re always looking for podcasts that inspire us — you know, the ones you get excited about when you see a new episode in your feed. We’ve been sharing our favorite marketing and business podcasts with each other recently, and we thought we’d pay it forward to you.

We asked around, and we crowdsourced a list of the best marketing, business and writing podcasts. Take a look and add your own favorites!

And here's a closer look at the best marketing, business and writing podcasts in our feeds:

Best Marketing Podcasts

Expert Marketing Matters podcast

Expert Marketing Matters

Expert Marketing Matters is Chapel Hill-based agency Newfangled’s in-house podcast. It’s packed with an inside look at their client work, progressive new ideas and advice on all things digital marketing.

Episode we recommend: Podcasting Behind the Scenes (Sep 9, 2018)


Marketing School

What we love about Marketing School is that it’s short. Episodes are released daily, and each episode is just five minutes. It’s all marketing, marketing, marketing.

Episode we recommend: The Craziest Content Marketing Tactic EVER (March 17, 2019)


Copyblogger FM

Marketing agency Rainmaker Digital has expanded their Copyblogger website into an informative, educational podcast. You’re always guaranteed to learn something, and clicking through each episode’s show notes will get you learning even more.

Episode we recommend: Becoming the ‘Chief Empathy Officer’ of Your Copy and Content (Oct 1, 2018)


The Science of Social Media

If you want to brush up on your social media skills, there are few better teachers than leading social media platform manager Buffer. Each episode shares tried-and-true strategies to help you stand out among the crowd.

Episode we recommend: Neuromarketing: Surprising Facts Businesses and Marketers Should Know (Oct 10, 2018)


Best Business Podcasts

Basecamp Rework

We use Basecamp to keep our work organized, and we’re big fans of their podcast, too. No, it isn’t about using Basecamp. Each episode is jam-packed with an insider’s look at how big projects get done and how we can all make work better.

Episode we recommend: Interruption Is Not Collaboration (Feb 5, 2018)


12 Geniuses Podcast

Consulting firm 12 Geniuses’s in-house podcast is an in-depth interview series with some of the most successful leaders today. Host Don MacPherson guides guests through candid, frank conversations filled with actionable lessons.

Episode we recommend: How a Futurist Sees the World (Jan 15, 2019)


Hurry Slowly

A podcast about slowing down? Yep. Listening at half-speed is optional.

Episode we recommend: Anne Helen Peterson: Errand Paralysis (Jan 29, 2019)


Inside Trader Joe’s

A good example of a branded podcast that is actually interesting. This podcast gives an inside look at how Trader Joe’s operates its stores and its operations, and digs into why this brand is a cult favorite.

Episode we recommend: Sustainability (Feb 4, 2019)


Best Writing Podcasts

Tricky podcast


There are a lot of former journalists in our field, and journalism will always remain content marketing’s ink-stained cousin (even if they won’t claim us). Tricky covers the urgent issues facing the field today, keeping you up-to-date on what our cousin is dealing with.

Episode we recommend: Can We Count on Audience Metrics? (Jan 17, 2019)


Otherppl with Brad Listi

Otherppl with Brad Listi features weekly interviews with a variety of authors, from iconic writers like Susan Orlean or Jonathan Safran Foer to small press poets — and everything in between. Best of all, Brad’s extensive archive is available for free. Warning: this podcast contains mature language.

Episode we recommend: George Saunders (Aug 29, 2012)



You know what’s an underrated skill for writers? Learning random things. That’s why we love Ologies. Each episode is an interview with an expert — hence the name. Host Allie Ward makes the show funny, lively, and always interesting.

Episode we recommend: Etymology (March 4, 2019)


Am Writing

Host Jessica Lahey steers a show dedicated to all things writing. It doesn’t matter if you need help going from outline to draft or if you’re trying to navigate the somewhat surreal world of agents and publishers — there’s an episode here for you.

Episode we recommend: #AlwaysBeHustling (Jan 29, 2019)

Rex New is a multimedia content producer. When he’s not driving his coworkers bonkers with extremely detailed feedback, he can be found in Jackson, Wyoming, snowboarding in the winter and biking and hiking in the summer. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California and received a Writers Guild Award nomination for co-writing “Dance Camp,” YouTube’s first original movie.


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