When I first started blogging for business, I did it all wrong. I wrote posts that generated a decent amount of traffic, but the traffic wasn’t the right audience. No useful leads came from that content. It ended up being little more than clickbait. Mostly, I was writing to write. There was no real marketing strategy. The business goals weren’t being considered when I was developing my content or choosing how to distribute it.

My early losses can be your gain. When developing content, it should:

  • Target a specific audience.
  • Solve the audience’s problems.
  • Deliver your message in a personalized way.

Uberflip helps you accomplish all these goals by delivering your content in an engaging way to specific audiences. The platform organizes your content in a binge-worthy format that keeps people on your site. If your business goal is lead generation or account-based marketing, you may want to consider adding Uberflip for content marketing, as part of your marketing tech stack.

What Is Uberflip for Content Marketing?

Uberflip is a platform that helps marketers deliver personalized content streams to target customers. This helps with content marketing for three main reasons:

You don’t need to create as much original content.

With Uberflip, you can build streams of content by pulling in your blog with specific tags, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, blog articles from outside sources, and more. You don’t need to own the content to distribute it. That means that you create highly relevant content streams while spending less time on content creation.

When you deliver the content, it is super-personalized.

Creating a content stream in Uberflip is fast and easy. That means you can create a new stream for any situation. For example, if you wanted to sell your publishing service to someone like me, a marketing consultant, you could create a stream with my brand color and the Tiny Marketing logo. Then, you could add content that someone like me would find relevant, but that also relates to your service, such as a blog post or video about how to turn your consulting business into a book.

The content stream can be personalized to the publications that you think I would read. Finally, add a call to action to bring me into your sales funnel.

Use built-in, personalized calls to action.

The built-in, friction-free call to actions entice people to provide their email address for more information. Readers aren’t sent to a separate landing page to fill out. The form is on that page and is a single field, which increases conversion rates. In fact, one Uberflip customer raved about how their conversion rate increased 450% with Uberflip.

Why Use Uberflip for Content Marketing?

Content marketing’s primary goal is to educate prospects. However, the word got out about content marketing, and everyone is doing it. So, you have to do it well to stand out. Your content needs to hit a few key elements to stand out:

Personalized Offerings

The reader needs to feel like the content you create is meant for them. There is so much content available that readers are pickier about what they spend time reading than they used to be. Now, readers expect your site to show them the next piece of content they should read and it needs to be relevant to them.

An Intuitive Environment

The content needs to be easy to navigate and encourages attention retention. Readers expect some form of intelligence. The content environment needs to be intuitive to keep them moving further through the funnel.

Easy Ways to Engage

Make it easy for readers to engage with your content by sharing it with their network.

In addition to reader experience, content needs to be easy to analyze. What topics perform best? Do readers prefer PDFs, videos or blogs? What type of content has the most significant bounce rate? All of this and more can be analyzed within Uberflip. It has one of the most robust reporting tools I have seen. Review your content’s analytics and optimize to improve its performance and make better decisions for content planning.

My Favorite Uberflip for Content Marketing Features

As a marketer, my goal is to keep readers consuming content, convert to a lead, purchase and re-purchase (if only it was as linear as that). On average, buyers consume 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision (Forrester), according to Uberflip. Any tactics that keep potential buyer’s consuming my client’s content is on the top of my list. These features help me accomplish that goal:

Personalized Content Streams

How many times have you heard, “if you talk to everyone, you talk to no one?”

You hear it a lot because it’s true. The more personalized the content is, the more effective it is. With Uberflip, content managers can quickly build customized streams of content.