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Mary Ellen Slayter is CEO of Rep Cap. Before creating her own content marketing firm, she served as director of content development and a senior general business and finance editor at SmartBrief, a leading publisher of e-mail newsletters. Before joining SmartBrief, she spent 8 years at The Washington Post, where she authored the Career Track column and worked as an editor in the business news department. You can find Mary Ellen on Twitter @MESlayter.

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How Topic Clusters Revived Yello’s Content Marketing Strategy

Beautiful Young Girl Looking Through Binoculars On Blue Sky Background. Travel Holidays Journey Concept

BBQGuys’ Cullen Boudreaux, on Content as Customer Experience


How athenahealth Unites Sales and Marketing Through Content


3 Ways to Convince Your Employees to Share Your Brand Content

LinkedIn for thought leadership

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LinkedIn for Thought Leadership — But Were Afraid to Ask

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How to Be a Better Interviewer

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What Is a Managing Editor?

What Content Marketers Need to Know About

The Future of Content Marketing and AI

content ROI

How to Change the Conversation About Content ROI

amazing email newsletters

Email Is Dead. Long Live Email!


Thought Leadership on a Shoestring Budget

find your voice

How to Find Your Voice

summer creative concept with ice cream cone and dynamic strewed sprinkles on pink background

Why It’s Worth Rethinking Your LinkedIn Strategy


Help People Get Where They’re Going: Editing and Management Advice from SmartBrief’s James daSilva

Mermaid sequin tail with turquois pool water in background..

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from a Professional Mermaid

Content Marketers, Start Thinking of Your Buyers as Humans, Not ‘Accounts’

Content Marketers, Start Thinking of Your Buyers as Humans, Not ‘Accounts’

Swallowtail butterfly.

5 Journalism Lessons to Transform Your B2B Content

Admin access to data source. Screen of web developing javascript

Dictionary Champion Erin McKean, on Why Writers Should Love Coding

storytelling thought leadership

Want Better Thought Leadership? Tell Better Stories

Many British Shorthair Cat funny

Surprise! What Every Writer Needs to Know

Coffee cup with latte art foam on wood table in coffee shop with copy space.Coffee is one of the most popular beverages.Improve Energy Levels and Burn Fat

How to Give Better Marketing Presentations


Playwright Christine Hoang on the Power of Genuine Inclusivity in the Arts


3 Elements of a Great Story from Kenny Nguyen

Detail of colorfull hand painted umbrella fabric - close up

Zen and the Art of Content Marketing

close-up partial view of man in sweater holding red gift box on yellow background.Gift giving concept.

Why You Should Give Away Your Best Thinking

social media marketing for b2b health care

Social Media Marketing for B2B Health Care

advocate marketing

How Influitive Uses Advocate Marketing to Get Results

Why 'Creativity' is Overrated in Content Marketing

Why “Creativity” Is Overrated in Content Marketing


Should We Share Our Competitors’ Content?


David C. Baker, on How to Develop Thought Leadership Content

Winning Internal Support for Content Marketing

Winning Internal Support for Content Marketing

social media marketing for financial services Photo by David Marcu

Social Media Marketing for Financial Services

Young hand petting a calico and white long haired cat, animal looking up. Content happy. Pink background.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Millennials

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