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Clare Chiappetta serves as editorial coordinator and staff writer, with a specialization in HR and the future of work. She earned a master’s in English from Southeastern Louisiana University, and continues to explore the world through books, films and music. Test your most esoteric pop culture references on her.

Clare's Articles

Managing Editor Survey Shows Content Marketers Stepping Into New Roles - Managing Editor Career Survey Report 2021

Managing Editor Survey Shows Content Marketers Stepping Into New Roles

2021’s SEO Revolution

Take Advantage of 2021’s SEO Revolution

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Boost Your Reach Through Influencer Marketing

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3 Tips for Starting a Bullet Journal

Brand Storytelling Guide

Stop Marketing and Start Storytelling

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Email Automation: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Repurpose Content for Maximum ROI

White ceramic piggy bank wearing reading glasses on blue teal background. Concept for money savings plan for retirement, aged society, or financial accounting

A Primer on Strategic Content Marketing Goals

COVID-19 marketing strategy

How BalanceTRAK Adapted Its COVID-19 Marketing Strategy

The Dangers of Woke-Washed Marketing — And What You Can Do About It

The Dangers of Woke-Washed Marketing

content marketing mindfulness

Content Marketing Mindfulness During the Pandemic

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